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How catering services make corporate parties truly magnificent

Food & Drink

You want to have a corporate gathering for your business in Melbourne that stands out among the rest. Thus, hire the best catering companies Melbourne has to offer.

Remember that caterers can make or break any event easily. But more often than not, event managers miss to value such angle. That often leads to horrible results.

And, you don’t want to make such a common mistake in planning an event.

You don’t want undesirable food and unprofessional service staff for your event. All you need is a magnificent gathering to satisfy your guests. Of course, you want to fulfill your event’s purpose too.

Perks from hiring the best catering companies

Find the best corporate catering Melbourne services, and enjoy these perks:

Optimize the use of food as a social glue

Food bonds people together since ancient times. For example, hunters share their big catch with their community in a feast. It’s customary for Jews to invite travellers into their houses and enjoy a meal as well.

The best office catering Melbourne service knows such effect of food on people. And, they can optimise its use for your corporate gathering.

Instead of plate-in meals, for example, caterers can set stations for guests to get food that they want. This can promote interaction among people as they fall in line.

Of course, guests can also talk with each other while sitting around a table. And, seasoned businessmen view this as an excellent opportunity for building partnerships and closing deals. Visit us at Essential Caterer

Make people stay throughout your event

Aside from being a social glue, food can also make guests stick around until your event finishes. And, catering companies Melbourne has these days know how critical this is for you.

Think of a scenario where you need to present different topics in a few segments throughout the event. Some of your guests want to listen to one segment, but they don’t have any interest in staying for another. If you have good food and a good catering service, you can make them stay throughout every segment.

That’s how you can change their perception about such topics. And, it can potentially bring big benefits for your Melbourne company.

Keep your company in a good light

The catering service can definitely affect your Melbourne company’s reputation afterwards. That’s because of the impressions it can give to your guests.

For example, the best catering companies Melbourne offers have professional servers and bartenders. This gives you a better chance that everybody can enjoy convenient snacks and meals as they watch your business presentations.

This definitely leaves a positive impression about your brand afterwards. That’s because people think you care for their satisfaction, or they appreciate the professionalism you show.

Thus, hire the best caterers for your corporate event. This will surely help you make the most out of a magnificent gathering. Consequently, it brings substantial benefits to your business.

That’s why you should check for the best catering service in Melbourne. They offer the best finger food catering Melbourne has today, and they also serve delicious food that will fit your event well. Of course, all of these are delivered by professional staff ready to serve you.

A Guide to Buying Outsourced Food for High Tea for Novice Baked Goods Resellers

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Tea is well-loved by many, particularly Australians. It’s a vital part of their culture. Besides, tea is back as one of the major food service products in Australia today, as people’s choice for non-coffee products increased to comply with the popularity surge of coffee drinks. Therefore, food service high tea suitable items, such as outsourced pastries, are likewise popular to resellers, coffeehouses, and tea stores.

If you’re a novice reseller of goods that are generally consumed during High Tea, knowing the fundamentals of buying high tea products will help you increase your market and item knowledge.

A Continuous Affair with Tea

It’s good to understand exactly how much the tea sector has actually come. Although the Aboriginal Australians did consume leptospermum, a plant infusion which is similar to tea, the history of mainstream tea prior to or in lieu of hefty dinner meals traces back to the Brits’ arrival in the 1700s. Since then, tea has been an important part of every Australian house’s meal as well as society.

Distinctions Between High Tea and Afternoon Tea

If you’re a beginner in the tea or bread marketing industry, you should be knowledgeable enough to recognise the distinction between High Tea and Five-o’clock Tea. This will certainly help you further in differentiating the right set of items that support High Tea.

High Tea

High Tea obtained its name from the fact that it was consumed by people in their high chairs during or before supper. Historically, the practice originated from the lifestyle of the working class, where they considered it as a requirement rather than a luxury. Knowing that they often go home late between 6-8pm, High Tea progressed as a replacement for the loftier Afternoon Tea.

Afternoon Tea

On the other hand, Afternoon Tea is enjoyed in low, unwinding chairs and tables, while goods such as finger sandwiches, cheese, cakes, and bread are offered. It was the preceding variation of the top course that combined high tea dishes. Compared to those for Afternoon Tea, High tea recipes were less complicated to prepare and can be used as a replacement for supper meals.

Food Solution Goods for High Tea

Exactly, what would be the most effective types of products to serve for High Tea markets?

The most loved food service high tea items normally contain baked products. For example, if you know any baked goods food service suppliers, you can request for dishes with banana bread. Besides that, you could also order buns, pavlova, shortcakes, meringue and eclairs.

Is there a distributor who’s offering hassle-free plans of baked products?

Whether you’re a reseller of packed treats or a restaurateur that intends to market outsourced bread, baked goods in bundles that include food service high tea goods will certainly be a smart as well as cost-efficient selection that you can make.

If you’re near to or residing on the Sunshine Coast, you can speak to the likes of the Country Chef Bakery Co. They offer individually-wrapped banana bread if your target audience is composed of busy customers who like their pastries and bread on-the-go.

Bear in mind that the modern Afternoon Tea is misinterpreted for resembling High Tea in several countries and cities. If you’re planning to sell different collections of baked items for High Tea and Afternoon Tea, determining their distinctions will help you deal with your target audience easier and faster.

If you’re looking for a food service supplier that sells food high tea products, like dessert packs food service and recipes with banana bread, you may visit

Function venues: 3 important aspects to consider when getting one

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Most couples mind about the wedding planners they would hire, how their parents would get to the wedding, and how the event would impress their guests. Although some couples do not get fine details of these tasks, they are all concerned about the wedding venue they hire. No couple wants to mess up with the event by choosing the wrong venue. Most of the couples move from one of the function venues Melbourne has today to another checking for some essential things. You will only choose the best wedding venue in the area when you compare what those available have to offer. Here are some of the things a great wedding venue must have:

function venues melbourne

Reception hall

You have no business holding your wedding in a venue that doesn’t have a reception hall. Most people don’t consider the wedding event over until they join the couple at the reception.

Size is among the crucial aspects that influence the couple to choose a particular wedding reception hall and not the other. If only about 100 guests have confirmed attendance, you shouldn’t go for a reception venue meant for about 500 people since the event may not look good in the video.

The number of the outdoor facilities and halls in any of the Melbourne wedding reception venues you hire would depend on the guests you expect that day.


The wedding venue you hire should be easily accessible. You need to consider how easy your guests will find it when going in and out of the venue.

Getting a wedding venue that isn’t so far from the main road is a good idea since. Your guests shouldn’t experience some hard time when parking their cars. A wedding venue with limited parking space won’t be the best for you and your guests.

Parking the cars along the road or outside may sound a cheap idea, but it comes with some more grievous risks. Adequate parking space is a critical aspect to bear in mind when choosing any of the function venues Melbourne has to offer.

Technical support

It’s likely you will require AV equipment, music, and lighting in the wedding venue you hire. Most of your relatives, friends, and vendors may not offer the help you need in this.

Find out if the event venue has dedicated staff with adequate technical support skills. Setting the right music and lighting system, and operating the AV equipment may not be easy if the team lacks the right expertise. Although you may assume that all the Yarra Valley wedding venues have the right tech support always, you should affirm it if you want to have a flawless wedding.

Finding a good wedding venue may look a tough task, but it can be easy if you know the things that make the venue great. If you take the above points seriously, making the perfect choice from the many Yarra Valley function venues won’t be a hard task. You won’t visit several wedding venues in Melbourne before you get the best for your occasion.

If you haven’t found a nice venue in your area so far, just visit a few of the function venues Melbourne has for customers and get a venue that exceeds your expectations.